Possible Astrobox Touch UI Enhancements


The touch interface is fairly good, offering slicing of designs, or even using the “Local” option for the print history. A couple things that would be really powerful for me would be:

Completion screen - when my print completes i would love a screen that shows the time it took, and other job stats (material etc), the a button to click done to go to home.
Print Another - After a print completes successfully a button to requeue the same design and print settings.
Print Queue - allow the access to the print queue for the selected device. so i can browse the queue and print one on demand.
Print Next - After print process completes, allow automatic selection of the next in queue.

I might have missed some of these, so if they already exist, let me know. Otherwise, just some suggestions, but nothing i cant live without.

Thanks for all the great work!



Tony, thanks for you’re suggestions. Some of these are already in the plan and the others are good and will be incorporated


Glad I searched before I posted, had these exact things in mind just today. Definitely need a print queue button on the interface. Also, a mass upload option in the dashboard. But, sure that has been mentioned a few times.