Possible bug in custom slicer settings?

I believe I may have found a bug in using the custom slicer settings imported from the cloud to AP Desktop. I can import them fine but when changing from one custom settings profile saved in AP Desktop to another the slicing dialogue box is changed to say “Custom unsaved settings” instead of the new custom settings profile that was just picked and the settings are the SAME settings from the previous replaced profile. BUT, if I reboot the application the settings dialogue box changes to reflect the name of the profile I just switched to and the settings are updated to reflect that change. Has anyone else experienced this?

Ohh. I should add… Using the current APDesktop 0.2.1

I have add it as a bug in our system to look into it.

Thank you.

I think I may have found another bug also. When editing a custom settings profile from the settings page on AP Desktop, any change you make and attempt to save it. It only saves the changed values and blanks out all other entries. To effect a real change to the settings profile you have to go through and re-enter values for every field completely throughout the profile. This is a serious pain for just wanting to turn on supports to an existing settings profile or change the shell thickness.