Print multiple objects at the same time

I think this is a feature request, but would hope that I’m just bad at searching. :slight_smile:

I would love to be able to print multiple stl files at once, and/or multiple copies of an object with the web and/or mobile app.

Sure, it’s possible to use an pc app to do stuff like that and create custom stl-files to print.
But one of the things I really love with AstroPrint is the possibility to look up a model, select a file and print it on the go from my iPad or phone and then collect the results when I get home.
But when the file contains a bunch of small objects or if you are about to print a chain you really can’t do that without going to a pc first.

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Thanks for the request Markus. We do have in the roadmap adding that functionality to the web, however there are a few other things first.

In the meantime, try AstroPrint Desktop which does integrate very well with cloud. Though you’re right, you will have to go back to your PC for the time being.

Would love to be able to queue up objects, then be able to load multiple objects from the queue onto a printer, and print.

For those of us who print-to-order, this would be an invaluable method of managing production.


I am a chromebook user, I want to see more functionality to the web. In general is your roadmap to add more functionality to the browswer version?

Yes. We have this in our plans.

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Hello Daniel,
Thank you very much

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