Print pause problem - Fan stops and does not start back up

Ok, fairly straight forward issue.

I have a home built cube built on a Ramps 1.4 setup marlin 1.1.5 . The fan control works great, on at 2nd layer off when its done all good.

Then I tried to pause the print and I noticed the fan was not on after I resumed…

I don’t know what M code is in use to pause and then resume so I cant test if its a marlin issue or an AstroPrint issue. I am of course pausing from the AstroPrint web interface. So starting here to see if I can get some direction to test this direct from a GCODE pause/resume effort and rule out AstroPrint. Latest version of all things involved BTW…


Yes, The Pause sequence does include a Fan Stop command and at the moment we don’t store the previous state of the fan. This is known issue: We just haven’t gotten to it yet due to other more important issues.

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ok, thanx for the info!

Can this be fixed soon? I am having the exact same problem.