Print quality settings dont use the correct filament diameter

The default quality settings in the astroprint desktop app do not use the correct filament diameter. i have 1.75mm selected in my material profiles, but when I go to slice it uses 2.85mm unless I explicitly change it each time in the print settings. I’ve noticed this doesnt happen with the web app

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll look into it.

Same here!

When using the desktop app I get a flawless print in almost every aspect, except for the lack of bottom and top layer (even tho I’m sure I checked the boxes) and every line is aprox half of what it should be, looking like a filter print =)

This is when printing on Creality CR-10 S3 & S4 and the wanhao duplicator i3.

Btw, I would looooove to have some more settings in the advanced slicer.