Print queue with auto eject printer


Astroprint looks very promising with print queue feature. There’re some machines with auto eject capability. Is it possible to start model in print queue one after another automatically ?

Here’re some examples:



I second this request.

If I’ve done everything correct with my latest changes to my end command gcode setup this will result in the model being discharged and the printer being ready for a new job as soon as the last one finished.

If the print-queue can have this as an option and just start a new print-job as soon as the printer is finished with the last end-command I would push the buy-button on the upgrade plan quicker than you can write a release-note! :smiley:

(Right now I only have one printer and since I need to manually start the job I don’t really see the real advantage with the queue for me. But automation would be a gamechanger!)


Exactly! Especially with Beltprinters gaining traction.

Blackbelt Belt Printer
White Knight Beltprinter

I am building a Beltprinter for my business right now. A real print queue would be a reason to invest in an upgrade plan. :wink:

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Would definitely be interesting to see this working, it would need some logic in determining the bed is in fact clear just in case.