Print settings not remaining locked in

I am having issues with the Astroprint Desktop App keeping my settings locked in to what I set them to. Ill open up the customize settings window, turn on supports, close out of it and it seemingly takes no effect. When I open up the window again the support settings are turned off. When I preview the print it sometimes actually has supports and sometimes doesn’t. I’m having similar issues with the solid top and bottom layer options where my prints will print without top or bottom layers even though they are turned on in the settings. My best guess is that the option window is not actually displaying the correct values for what is actually happening. I have to be extra carefull to preview my prints to make sure that everything is set properly. However, this doesnt work 100% percent of the time because the filiment size option sometimes reverts back to 2.85 causing many problems.

For the time being I will just be using cura, but I had hoped I could use Astroprint to print remotely from outside of my home network. For the time being though it is more trouble then it is worth. Its about a 50/50 chance with the desktop app that it actually recognizes the settings that I give it.


All custom settings are considered “one-time” use unless you select on the “Save My Custom Settings” options.