Printer is on compatibility list but not selectable in astroprint

I have a Qidi X-Smart 3D printer. I was wanting to try using astroprint to connect to my printer over the network. The printer is shown as community verified on the compatibility chart. I installed astroprint on my raspberry pi and went to add the printer. Qidi doesn’t show up under printer manufacturers. How do I add my printer?

Being compatible doesn’t mean we have a profile for it. It meas the AstroBox can communicate with it. You don’t have to add a printer model if it’s not in the list. This is an optional step. Also in your astroprint cloud account, you can create a custom printer profile in order to slice.

Thanks for the reply. I am mainly looking at using astroprint to communicate over the network to my printer. I am currently using Simplify3D to do slicing. I’m just wanting to communicate the code from it to the printer.

I’m giving astroprint a shot since I wasn’t having luck hooking up my printer to octoprint.