Printer is paused before printing


I’m using Astrobox 0.16(6) on a Raspberry Pi for my Alfawise U30.

I have a strange bug before printing: the printer is warming up normally, the extruder is moving to 0,0,0 home and move up slightly to the left center of the bed. After that, the extruder doesn’t move anymore.

I have to move manually the Z axe by clicking on the button Z UP in Astrobox to start printing…

I tried the same GCODE with Cura and Octoprint: no problem.
The GCODE cames from Simplify3D with theses start/end scripts:

G21                     ;set units to millimetres
G90                     ;set to absolute positioning
M106 S0                 ;set fan speed to zero (turned off)
G28                     ;home all axis
G92 E0                  ;zero the extruded length
G1 Z1 F1000             ;move up slightly
G1 Y60.0 Z0 E9.0 F1000.0;intro line
G1 Y100.0 E21.5 F1000.0 ;continue line
G92 E0                  ;zero the extruded length again
; -- end of START GCODE --
; -- END GCODE --
M104 S0                 ;turn off nozzle heater
M140 S0                 ;turn off bed heater
G91                     ;set to relative positioning
G1 E-10 F300            ;retract the filament slightly
G90                     ;set to absolute positioning
G28 X0                  ;move to the X-axis origin (Home)
G0 Y280 F600            ;bring the bed to the front for easy print removal
M84                     ;turn off stepper motors
; -- end of END GCODE --

Any idea?

Please open a ticket with us, then following the instructions here capture and send comms logs:

Alright, ticket’s open!
Thank you

After exchanging with the support, we resolved my problem by deleting the command “T0” into the GCODE.

My Alfawise U30 didn’t respond to this command and stays locked.
Without this command, the printer works fine.

Thank you!

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