Printer stuttering producing bad prints

Hello i started using astroprint not Long ago. However i Seem to have some problems.

Everything about the software webcam etc. Works perfect… BUT…

It Will No print right. I tried both from cloud slicer and from raspberry Pi SD card. IT seems that the pi 3 cant handle the data … IT stutters print wierd generel Disaster…

However if i use the SD card insider the printer i have zero problems at All…

Any ideas??

We have 4 different printers producing good prints, so it’s not a widespread problem. However let’s take a look and see what might be causing this.

  1. What printer do you have?
  2. Can you activate serial logs from the AstroBox Web UI (Advanced Settings), do a print and send those logs to us

That sounds good.

At the moment is a creality Cr-10 but i have other printers aswell which does the same thing.

I thought it might be my slow sd card so i changed it to a class 10 and it made no difference.

Perfect sliced with s3d printing on printer produce perfekt prints, but through the raspberry pi with same g.code its totally screwed the printer really does stutter just very fast starts and stops many times within a second producing wierd stuff…

I will start a print when i come home and post the logs… ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast response thats a very good sign! :smiley:

It’s better if you don’t post the logs here (large data). Just send it to us using the options in the settings screen. When we find the problem (and hopefully the solution) we can summarize it here for others to see

No problem i will do that… :slight_smile:

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Any updates i have the same problem. im on the raspberry pi B plus. the first one. could this be my problem?

As posted in the thread, the best way to look into this is to open a support ticket and send us logs: