Printhead Movement during Camera Timelapse

Hello all,

I apologize if this has been answered already but I have not found it. I am enjoying use of the timelapse camera capabilities, and frequently use it with photos taken each layer.

Is there a method through the Astrobox UI to instruct the printhead to move to a particular location when the camera is about to take a photo? I didn’t know if this would be located somewhere during the gcode generation.

Any help would be appreciated - thank you kindly.


We don’t support that in the way you describe. However if you’re confortable editing GCODE, you can add a little snippet before or after each layer change to make the movements, then add a M240 command to snap a picture.

Some outside slicers, allow you to add “before layer change” and “after layer change” gcode snippets.

Thank you for the response. Does this seem like something that would be reasonable as a feature request? Or, too low priority?

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This a certainly a reasonable feature request and it’s also not the first time it has been asked. We just other things we’re working on at the moment

This capability is included in the timelapse feature of OctoPrint: the printhead moves away before the photo is snapped, allowing for seamless time lapses. Since OctoPrint is now a plugin to AstroPrint, I -really- want to know if I can use OctoPrint’s timelapse feature in place of AstroPrint’s version.