Prints never start

I setup an astroprint box install on a pi and I can connect to my tronxy xy2 pro just fine - via the dashboard I can control temp and move/home/extrude via the dashboard controls.

But when I go to print, nothing ever actually prints - I send a file to print via the dashboard and the printer will heat up bed/extruder to temp, and will home x and y, but the z will never home and the file will never actually print.

I thought it was maybe a file size issue - maybe files were too large and were taking a while to print from the cloud to pi, so I made a small file ( less than 2mb ) and tried to print that - got same results (x/y homed, extruder/bed heated up to specified temp ), but even letting things sit idle for 20 minutes or so, the file never actually printed…

I’m slicing files in cura, and uploading gcode to my dashboard. I’m selecting my printer profile when i upload and save the gcode.

any ideas what could be going on here ?

You would need to create and send logs to us in order to see.