Prints sliced through astroprint coming out poor quality

I have a group of 3 Prusa i3 Mk3s printers with astrobox touches. Any part of the process that uses astroprint comes out with varying levels of poor quality to failure.

If i slice through astroprint (printing from cloud or SD card) the print fails or has significant defect.

if i slice through prusaslicer and send the gcode through the astroprint cloud it comes out with a significant reduction in resolution/quality.

The same Gcode as previous, sliced in Prusaslicer and going directly from the SD card to the printer doesnt show any loss in quality or issues at all.

This could be due to poor communication between the printer and the astrobox. It’s not possible to compare prints from SD with prints via USB unfortunately. When printing using an external controller via USB, a lot more components are involved including different firmware routines which in some models might make it more unstable.

It is astrobox if you do not have premium the quality is crappy