Problem with AstroBox Touch and Sailfish firmware printer

Is someone here using ABT with a printer from Makerbot family? I have a CTC Printer (Makerbot dual clone) with sailfish and I have a problem with AstroBox Touch. When I cancel my print, the printer stops, cooldown and everything is as should be but ABT is staying in “printing screen” and I cannot go back to the main screen.
Now I realized that I had similar issues with Web Gui but then I was able to just reflash the page. Here I have to reboot my raspberry pi…
I didn’t have time to check the logs what is going on but maybe someone had already this kind of issues?

You can send the logs to us via the browser UI. We’ll take a look

Yes, I will collect clean logs today evening. From current logs I can see a error with eeprom map… Actually it can be consider as correct behavior because I am using Sailfish version with my modifications and I changes version strings in firmware. But I do not know for what you are using those eeprom maps?

All prints cancellations ends up with staying on “printing screens”.

Hi, Instead of pasting the logs here. it’s best to use the send logs option in settings / software / advanced from the browser ui. That way we get all the logs and we can analyze better.


Was this issue fixed? My Astroprint is doing the same and I see this post was in 2018?