Problems since some days

I’m using Astroprint since a month and was always very happy with it.
Now, out of a sudden, its not working propperly anymore.

If I’m not in my local network, i have no printers in my IOS app, the app is always searching for a Astrobox.

When I`m logged in my local network, video transmission works, still pictures not.

If I want to start a print from my app, logged in in my local network, it says “Download Error, Check your Print File format matches your printers”

When i want to start a print via the Astroprint Webinterface from my Macbook it says “Your print failed to start, please try again” But the print starts.

This is all happening when I try to print files uploaded to the AstroPrint cloud.
Same files I’ve printed in the asme configuration last week without any problem.

Best regards

Some printers have been disconnected by the system during the migration last Monday. This was fixed last week but you will have to reconnect them manually from the astrobox UI.

The rest of the issues are not know. I would start by making sure you update the versions of the app and astrobox and if problems persists open support tickets so we can investigate further.

Hello, same problems here, reconnecting doesn’t work. How can I reconnect?
(Box shows it’s connected, trying to connect by app does not work)

Hi Daniel

thank you for your answer.
I’m ot using an Astro Box, i use the Astroprint Plugin on my raspberry based Octoprint.
What daoes “reconnect manually” mean ?
I’ve already removed and added the Astroprint plugin, does not help.
What is the latest version of the app ?
I’m using 1.3.12 on my Iphone, also already deleted and installed new.

Please open a support ticket and provide octoprint logs so we can investigate.