Queues for same physical printer, different nozzles?

I find myself printing very frequently with multiple nozzle sizes.

It seems the queues are all tied to a specific physical printer. That means, at present I end up with GCODE files sliced for different nozzle sizes all in the same print queue. I did create different printer profiles, with the nozzle size in name, but when I look at the queue, I still have to double check the next file’s assigned printer profile to make sure I’m not printing with the wrong nozzle.

My request is to consider the idea of “virtual print queues”. In the ideal world, I’d like to have a virtual queue for each nozzle size, all linking back to the same physical device.

That way, I could easily queue up prints for a given nozzle size in its respective queue, and once I swapped nozzles, simply start working down those queues.

I guess the same idea could be used for queues with different filament types, colors, etc.

Looks like this has been implemented! I just noticed “Custom Queues”, which seem to be doing exactly what I was asking for. I haven’t actually used them yet though.

Yes @Rainer_Fuchs, that is one of the purposes of Custom Queues