Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

So searching on here it sounds like it is possible to configure Astroprint on the Raspberry pi Zero’s? The Zero 2 w is out now and i’d really like to use these with my prusa’s as they are much simplier to install than the larger pi’s. It sounds like its not quite burn and go like the large pis though? But since astroprint did run on the original Zero it should run on the Zero 2 I assume?

Any update on if this is supported?

Nope. You’d think a dev would reply but I dont think anyone is really working on astroprint anymore.

Its a shame I loved Astroprint, but its true it seems pretty much dead at this point.

We are certainly still working on AstroPrint (on Christmas Eve at that … ). We don’t support this hardware platform. The list of HW supported can be found here:

Would be great to have you support the latest boards :wink:

In all honesty we’re putting a significant portion of our time in improving what we’re best at which is the cloud system and slowly transition our controller software to something like an octoprint plugin.

You do realize the Pi Zero line of controllers simply doesn’t have the power to run this type of app, not even octoprint supports it officially. It might run, but it will be SLOW as you’ll continue paging out memory to the sd card.

You do realize that I said Pi Zero 2, and that the Pi Zero 2 is fully supported by octoprint?

Can confirm there aren’t any issues running on the pi Zero 2w. Works better than the older fulsized pi I had. Just load octoprint on and make sure you have an adapter to go from micro USB to micro USB on your printer.

But we want to run astroprint, not octoprint…

Astroprint has a plugin for octoprint. Octoprint handles all the printer operations, astroprint just uploads the files from your cloud storage to octoprint and initializes job

Yes I am aware of that. But I prefer to run astroprint on the pi’s rather than octoprint. I find that astroprint gives better and easier operation.