Rotate Camera Feed

I’ve been using the Logitech C270 webcam and it’s working quite well.

However, due to my limited space, I’m looking to mount the webcam at a 90 degree angle. This of course means all the captures will be rotated at 90 degrees. I’ve been looking around and don’t see any settings to permanently rotate the camera feed. I was about to jump into the code and see if there’s a simple setting, but I figured it might be more intuitive if it was an added setting in the software.


Thanks @Kevin_Weirauch, we’ll add this to the feature requests bucket. It’s a good idea. Thanks!

First thought that comes to mind is printing a custom mount. A couple examples on thingiverse. If that is not an option and the camera image can’t be rotated by astroprint (yet.) You could rotate it in software afterwards.
I use a thermal imager (like a flir sensor) that was designed for cell phones. I use a 10" tablet that causes the image to be rotated 90° to the actual view. With still pics and video saved will also show 90° degrees sideways. I use an android photo editor to flip it sideways. The picture will display properly (the temp readouts end up sideways. Hehe).
My first choice would to print a custom mount or even a camera case that would be part of the printer. But there are a couple options available till astroprint get more bells and whistles done.

Hi Kevin,

Could you please share how you’d get the Logitech C270 to work?
I am unable to get this cam to work in Astroprint.


Hey Extera,

If I recall, it was just plug-and-play. I’ve switched back to Octoprint for the time being and am using the Raspicam just for convenience.

Please add this… pretty please.

Another vote for camera rotation…

Add me into this feature request I could use this

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add me into this as well please. I JUST switched from using Octoprint and use the “flip video” option right off the bat. it was great. Please add this feature to astroprint

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It’s in the development queue:

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