Rotate the AstroBox Touch Display


I’m coming to ask you for help, I wish I could return to 180 degrees my display of astroprint touch.

I have a raspberry with an official 7 "screen.

Good day to you all.

Please read the guide here. Look for SCREEN_ROTATE step 6

Thank you for your answer, except that I already made a first boot of astrobox, so basically how to configure after the first boot ?

You can still do this. Follow this instructions:

  1. Temporary enable SSH in your device.

  2. Edit/replace the astroprint-config.conf file. Make sure to only change the ‘n’ to a ‘y’ or other things might stop working.

  3. Run the following commands in the command line:

    sudo /etc/astrobox/initial-scripts/10-configure-screen
    sudo reboot

Hello, thank you for your answer. I tried to do as you explained but nothing works.

The SSH is ok, I modify the config file but the screen is still not rotate.

Ok, it’s possible then that rotation of that screen is not supported. What is the output of the first command?

it’s written :

changing screen driver to hdmi (rotate:n)…
Done! screen driver changed

It appears that we don’t currently support rotation on hdmi screens. We will work on that in future releases.

Is the issue now solved? i have the same problem with PI 7" Screen…

Not yet resolved, I am waiting for the update.

Is it not possible to just update the /boot/config.txt file on the Raspberry Pi’s SD Card with lcd_rotate=2

I can confirm that it worked for me with lcd_rotate=2