rPi1 good but rPi2 not loading WiFi drivers


Newbie here. Have created an SD card and first tested it out on a Raspberry Pi 1. Works fine - WiFi channel appears and I can connect to it.

But I use a Raspberry Pi 2 in the workshop and running the system on this one, none of the WiFi dongles I have will work. I can see during the boot one line that says:

bcm2835-v412: error -1
Could not insert ‘bcm2835_v412’ operation not permitted

and I am guessing that this is the Broadcom driver. So is there a compatibility issue with the rPi2?


Just figured out that it does not load the WiFi dongle if connected to the LAN. Is it not possible to have both?
But if it is connected to the LAN during bootup, I then can’t connect to it all… so maybe just ignore me 'till I have played around with this a bit more! Probably have more to learn.

Update 2:
Ok, so it sets the IP with DCHP when connected to the LAN. Used Terminal on the Pi to find out what the IP was and am able to connect to it using that. Haven’t seen this documented anywhere - or have I missed something?

Anyhow - so am up and running. Have a problem with temperature reading, but will do that on another thread.


As for WiFi Dongles, AstroPrint supports Realtek 8188 chip based dongles (that also support Concurrent Mode)

For example, this dongle works great with AstroBox/AstroPrint.

When you boot up your AstroBox, you should see a hotspot that will enable you to connect directly with that AstroBox. (in your WiFi networks list, you should see something like astrobox-xxxx)

But I realize that you are connected via ethernet NOT WiFi.

While connected via ethernet, if you have chosen the option (in the Astrobox) to show the hotspot even while connected to the internet – you should still see the hotspot.

One more thing to try: While you are still on the same WiFi network, (and astrobox still connected via ethernet) – go to the Monitor app on the AstroPrint.com dashboard. Do you see your AstroBox?