Rpi4 in boot loop


I just got a notification that an upgrade was available for my rpi4 based printer. I let it upgrade and now my pi is stuck in a reboot loop - the UI never appears as the pi reboots after approx 2 seconds.

I’ll reflash back to my original image, but just wanted to let you (and everyone else here!) know there could be an issue with the latest update (unless it’s just bad luck on my end and something just happened to go wrong with my specific upgrade!)

false alarm, looks like my sd card died and the timing was coincidental (or, the writes of the upgrade finished it off!)

Hmmm…strangely mine just died too…not sure if it is the card or what…boot starts but just before I expect to see AstroPrint screen it seems to get stuck…linux boot info disappears but screen stays black.

hmmm…I found something cause the log file to grow out of control filling the SD card. I used a computer to remove the log file and replaced the card in the astrobox and it boots as expected however it seems unable to reach astroprint cloud…I tried wired and wireless and even udpated my password but nothing helps.

I can reach the box from the browser but can’t log into my account.

doesn’t sound like my issue.

I took the SD card out of my pi and put it in my PC and it seemed fine, flashed it with my backup image and put it back in the pi and it didn’t recognise the SD card. Put it back in my PC and my PC also didn’t recognise it, just hung trying to read the partitions…

Flashed another SD card and the pi booted straight away, upgraded to the latest version with no problems and everything seems happy again, so pretty sure it was just coincidence that I upgraded at the same time as my card died (or, the upgrade performed enough ops to tip it over the edge!)