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Hey! If you are a Maker in the San Diego region and are involved in Covid relief efforts, chime in! This thread is a place to connect with others, ask questions, whatever!

BTW, I’m Drew, the CEO of AstroPrint. I’m based in San Diego right now. I have been traveling a lot and do not have access to any 3D Printers, but I know a lot of people in the industry and can help make connections! Also, I can give feedback about our Clusters App, which I believe many of you are using!


Hello Drew

I’m interested in assisting if I can. I can one small printer (xyz davinci) and a ton of ABS filament. It’s been awhile since I’ve used it but if I can’t print and ship off some hardware, I’d be more than happy to. Are there any files available for the parts in critical need? I’m out in Lakeside.

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Hey Drew! Thanks for setting up this forum. I am a science and design teacher based in North county. I took home one of our smaller footprint machines (Robo C2) for repair when school closures first began. I have it up and running and have been printing the comfort mask strap ( from the NIH covid-19 supply chain response page ( in their 3d print exchange. I have about 30 printed now and would love to get them somewhere they are needed. I am interested in any other prints that can help and fit on our small (5 inch x 5 inch) print bed. Do you know any local groups that might need them and how to get them there? I am open to any other prints that may fit on our print bed, if you are aware of other designs in need. Thanks for setting this up!

(By the way- astroprint is great! I teach in a 1:1 Chromebook environment, and your web based slicer is a tool I share with my students to slice their stl’s to gcodes and get a feel for print time with various settings. Thanks for putting it out there!)

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Hey! Thanks for posting here! At the moment we do not have a Regional Coordinator for San Diego. I’m starting to reach out to some folks now to see if I can find one (or several). If you know of anyone you feel would be good (or if it’s YOU!), LMK! Typically a Regional Coordinator will be someone already delivering printed products to medical facilities, then they can help direct printer owners in the cluster on what, very specifically, their medical facilities need.

Hi Aaron! I don’t know any places to send parts right now. I’ve been heads down with software stuff, for the Clusters App. We’re looking for a good Regional Coordinator (or several) for the area…

In the meantime, a lot of people are starting to print parts for non-hospital facilities. You may want to check with: Nursing Homes, small medical practices, grocery stores, etc. Basically, places where people are still having to work, and are coming into contact with the public. Many of these facilities are either in need now, or will be in the near term future.

Good morning. My daughter and I live up in the Sacramento area. Would this be the region to join? Or would we need to find/start a new one?

We don’t have time to be a coordinator, and we just have an Ender 3, but we’d love to help.


You can be a Maker by starting a conversation in your area! Start a topic stating your City - Region - Country as title to meet with local helpers and hopefully match with a coordinator.