SD Card support


How about adding the ability to chose files from the SD card (within printers that support SD) and print them, maybe even to upload them to the cloud or Astroprint server. Also being able to download to SD card and instigate a print from there would be great too.

The reason being that it seems to be better from a through point perspective to print from SD card as opposed to via USB.


We have gotten a few requests for this and have added it to our roadmap to implement this feature.


I would also like to see support for the SD card (similar to that provided by Octoprint).

Off loading the print run to the SD card does often give a smoother print and would allow the AstroPrint hardware to better serve the video requirements.


I join to this request, to have this feature available would be very useful.


Me too, first thing I missed after finishing the installation


SD cards are like floppy disks — you can hold on to them, but the future has no place for them IMO :wink:


I know, tho I had a lot of pre sliced files on the card and wanted to print those while monitoring from my phone.

I’ll keep looking for a solution on the raspberry pi that works for me, astroprint has a steady connection which isn’t when using octoprint.

But they have SD card support, and even when it loses network it keeps printing from the SD card, if I use octoprint itself it stops printing after losing network.


Just upload all of your files to your cloud account.

Also, once you start a print via the AstroPrint Cloud etc., you can lose your network connection and the print will STILL CONTINUE (as the print file gets sent to the printer) :wink:


Okay I will move the files to the computer and then to the local Astrobox.


Hmm, when it’s printing every other function is locked, Uploaded one file and started printing. Now have to wait 4 hrs to continue.

Need to learn a lot before I know how it all works, Also I can’t upload a gcode file through the cloud.



You cannot upload .gcode directly to the cloud because that would defeat the purpose of using the cloud slicer to generate .gcode.

You CAN however upload .gcode directly to your local astrobox…[quote=“Jasper_Tielen, post:10, topic:391”]
when it’s printing every other function is locked, Uploaded one file and started printing.

Yup! The local AstroBox will be locked during a print for safety reasons :slight_smile: