Simplify3D + CR-10S + Astroprint Cloud: wrong hotend temperature


When printing via Astroprint (Cloud version), I sometimes slice from Simplify3D to have better control over the supports. In that case I export the Gcode from S3D and import it directly from the Astrobox interface. When I do so, I have to set both bed and hotend temperatures from S3D rather than Astrobox.

When proceeding this way, the bed temperature that I had set comes through normally, but the hotend temperature is always set to 0 when the print starts, and neither Astroprint’s remote control nor Astrobox’s interface will allow me to change the temperature (it seems to apply, then resets itself to 0). I can set it manually directly on the printer, which works, but I’d rather we find a solution to that problem.

in S3D when changing the FFF profile, I’ve tried T0 and T1 for the hotend temperature, to no avail. Any suggestion? Note that also don’t have that problem if I save the Gcode on an SD card and print it directly on the CR-10S.