Slice only and download?

how can Astroprint Desktop to slice STL only and download to SD card for printing ?
there are slice and download function from web dashboard …


You can click the “save” button in the lower right portion of the screen instead of “print”


don’t know it requires to select 1. filament, 2.quality then the download icon will show out.

Thanks a lot !!!


saved gcode is placed wrongly when open with another control software like repetier-host, simplify3d …etc


That looks like your printer profile on AstroPrint Desktop had center of bed as 0,0 and the other program had 0,0 in the lower left corner.

There’s a mismatch in the profiles

sorry, can’t find setting from astroprint desktop for the printer settings which show 0,0 at the centre ?
and no settings from printer profile for this one ?

found that printer profile is not sync on both web and desktop, need to import from web printer profile and no “bed center is zero” from desktop option …

Is this a custom printer profile or a built-in one? if built-in which one?

Also are you running the latest version of Desktop?

Dear Daniel,

0.2.0 Desktop version and it said lastest,
both imported from printer database and import from my web printer list are lack of bed at centre option


Which printer? is it a delta?

all printer profile from desktop don’t have centre with (0,0)

Delta printers do. That’s why I’m asking

all printer from my printer profile is xyz printer not delta printer,