[SOLVED] Anet A6 disable heatbed and extruder when print is done


I am running an Anet A6 and octopi with the astroprint plugin. The heat bed and extruder do not shut off after my print is done. How can I disable the heatbed and extruder after my print finishes (octopi normally does this when you print from it’s interface)??


The AstroPrint plugin does not interfere with the printing functions of OctoPrint, we merely report to your cloud account on progress. Check your OctoPrint settings.


I have/had the same issue on an Anet A8, using OctoPrint with the plugin.

I think I have solved it by editing the printer setup in AstroPrint, go to advanced settings and in the End Command add:
M104 S0 ;Extruder temp 0
M140 S0 ;Bed temp 0

Not entirely sure that this works as it should, since I’m doing the first print since I did the change right now.
Can write an update in the morning. :smiley:


Well, no immediate success, since it doesn’t look like it honors the end command.
Will try to resolve this and update the thread.


It works perfectly, if you generate the printfile/gcode after that you have updated the printer configuration…


Thanks for the tip Markus I can confirm this fixes the issue for me!