[SOLVED] Astrobox No Internet Connection or connection to Ender-3 3D Printer

Hi All, i’m new user with Astrobox. I buy the software and installed on my Raspberry PI 4 with Waveshare Monitor. My printer (ender3) is on my garage without internet connection.

My question is, if i link astrobox on ender3 by micro-usb cable and link the astrobox on Power, i can manage the printer, start gcode print (by usb memory) without internet connection?

Thanks all for support

Yes, you can insert a usb stick into the raspberry pi, navigate to the file and start a print.

Thanks Daniel, i try and i have successful save the gcode file on Astrobox, but when i try connection astrobox with ender3, this connection failure :frowning: i dont know why

Maybe wrong baud rate. Try 115200 and 250000

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@Quitemade, which was the right baud rate? For others in the future

Oh sorry :slight_smile:

The correct Rate for Ender3 are 115200

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