[SOLVED] Astrobox with raspberry pi 3 b+ SDRAM not recognised


Im new to pi, my first one and saw the new revision and snapped it up. All i get is the screen with the 4 colors and the act led lights up 8 times 5 fast 3 slow. Nothing else

I tried 3 different cards, a few different power supplies and cables. Tried downloading 3 times flashed with different software… not sure what im doing wrong i feel like i should have had some success at this point.

I have tried doing anything else with pi since i just want it for astroprint, but i may have to try something else to rule out fault with the pi itself.

Like i said new to pi so i could be something stupid simple, any and all help appreciated.


Try checking out this site under and above the colored splash screen section. link


Thanks i have visited that site before it says…
However if the coloured screen remains, it suggests the kernel.img file is failing to boot. Try replacing it with a known good one.

Is that file something i can just download from elsewhere and replace on the sd card?

I also tried adding boot delay, but not sure if i did it right, first i added it to the very first line in config then at the very end, both without quotes, never succeeded.


I’m thinking that the problem might be that the current Astrobox software is not updated to work with the new raspberry pi b+, as it is only a week old. Because of this, I think that this problem should be handled by someone with more knowledge on the matter. Sorry I couldn’t help. Best of luck to you, Buddy!


No problem, thanks for trying. That thought occured to me as well, ill reach out to support see if they have any idea.


I appreciate the excitement guys! The current AstroBox image does not yet support the B+. Support for the B+ was just added to Raspbian OS. We will add it to the next image which should be ready in 1 - 2 weeks.

There’s no need for you guys to try to hack it, it will just be part of the image going forward.


Lol just my luck, first time im early for something, thanks for the reply daniel, im looking forward to the update.


Can you guys try with the latest image? It should already have support to the B+


Can confirm it worked. Ive been a bit sick so i havent played with it much, but it booted properly and i went through configuration and everything seemed to work. Thanks.

Ps post installation i sent logs just in case it helps anything.


Where can we find the latest image?