[SOLVED] Bug for Ender 5 end code generation

Hello, so I noticed that whenever I sent over a print using Astroprint. The print would be fine, but at the VERY end, it would move the print head to it’s final resting place, I would get an error in Octoprint saying that the printer had an error and the print job ‘failed’.

It had the error because I’m using Klipper and it reports an error when the print head is sent ‘out of bounds’. So I looked at the gcode, and sure enough, it was parking the print head at x0, y300. Well the print volume is only 220, so that’s why it had the error.

So I took a look at the code that astroprint adds to the end, and here is the offending line:

G1 X0 Y{machine_depth} F1000

So it looks like {machine_depth} is a variable. However, it’s pulling in the value for the z axis(300), instead of the y/depth, which is 220.

Obviously, I’m just going to hard code it (I prefer for it to go to x220,y220 anyways), but I just figured people might want to know about this and maybe fix it.

Please let me know if I shouldn’t have posted this here and if there is a different way to report a possible bug.

It’s totally fine to post this here @Simit_Patel. Thanks for reporting. We have fixed a glitch on that profile. The machine_depth variable should now replace it with the proper value.