[SOLVED] Cannot download full timelapse video for print

Today I put my printer through a 17 hour print, and set my AstroPi to take a snapshot every minute for a timelapse. When it was in the very early stages of the print, I decided to see what would happen if I downloaded the timelapse video. It created a 1.7MB video to download from the roughly 40-50 images captured at that point. Once the print finished, I tried to make a timelapse video of the 1001 frames recorded, only to find that it’s still serving me the 1.7MB video file from before.

Is there a way to force AstroPrint to recreate the video file? I’m assuming that this isn’t intended behavior. If anyone from the AstroPrint team wants to look through my print captures for the print in question, it’s recorded as otherparts (creative, I know).

Your full video will be available in a day or so. We cache the video for a while once it’s created to save on resources.

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