[SOLVED] Can't connect tevo tarantula to the cloud

heeey! Well after get my raspberry pi 3 the edimax wifi dungle and get the OS install i get it running, the problem cames whren i try to connect my printer to it, i use a tevo tarantula with marling firmware, so i choose gcode marling and baud rate 250000, i also try the other ones but just says connecting, and never connects. (the printer is pluged to the raspberry hahahah)

The printer definitely works. Enable serial logs, reproduce the problem again (try both 250000 and 115200) and then send logs to us. We’ll take a look. You can do that from advanced settings.

thanks a lot for the quick answer, actually i’ll finally got it work it, i just reset everything, and try every single baud rate, and one of them worked, any ways thanks a lot!

Which one worked? for future reference to others.