[SOLVED] Cura 3 reduces part volume

Good day to everybody
I’m having an issue with the cura 3 slicer, when using the normal settings the volume from the part is reported to be a 10% of the original, although it keeps almost the same print time, so or this engine is super good at keeping my filament or something is terrible wrong, any idea about this would be of great help for me
thank you


Hi @Maximo, a few screenshots would help understand what you’re describing.

Ok here are some pics
This is the cura 3 sliced file

And this is the old cura file

The new cura file changes the volume and the amount of filament the part size change may be because of the brim If it helps I do speak Spanish but I don’t know if it’s allowed in this forum

This is great info. We’re looking into it.

Btw just out of curiosity. Could you try to delete the c3 print file and redo the same slice again. We deployed some major changes to the slicer today ( I think after you created yours ).

Just wanted to make sure it’s not already fixed.

Same issue

@Maximo, we pushed a fix. Could you try to re-slice again?

It works
Thank you Daniel

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