[SOLVED] Ender 3 is not auto home before print. Starts printing mid air

Never did this before. Tried modifying the 3d design and also sliced it multipe times and could not get the ender 3 to auto home before printing. Previous sliced files still print correctly.

Used the same stl file and sliced it on another program and it prints fine on the 3d printer now. So yeah. There’s a bug in the astroprint slicing process for the Ender 3.

We are aware of this. The Start and End GCodes have disappeared for some user’s printers. If you know what it should be, you can edit them in your printer profile. If you don’t, we’ll get it fixed. Please open a ticket with us.

Any timeline on when this will be fixed for the Select Mini?

It should be fixed now but it will require you to delete your printer profile and re-add

Yeah it works now. Thanks

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