[SOLVED] Hotspot not working on Raspberry Pi 4

After Multiple download/installation of the last Astrobox image supposed to manage raspberry pi 4 (0.17 4), it was not possible to get it start with a hotspot created as it is supposed to be.

After waiting and trying multiple time, i finally connect my raspberry pi to my network through ethernet.

When checking the hotspot configuration i just have “creating a hotspot is not supported on this device”

Can you help ?

You need to add a WiFi dongle to the Pi for a hotspot. The internal WiFi is already used to connect to an external WiFi but it can’t at the same time open a hotspot.

Thank you for your answer.

So maybe I don’t get the point about how to use the hotspot.
In the documentation it’s introduce as the way to do the “first install” process of the Astrobox.
Which mean there is no other WiFi configured as the point, like it is presented in the documentation, is to configure your WiFi connection during this first install process.
Plus, in the hardware requirements it’s clearly indicated as optional to use a dongle.

If it’s just a misunderstanding, maybe it could be good to correct the different documents don’t you think?


Not sure what’s confusing.

  1. It’s optional because you can do the initial setup using Ethernet.
  2. It’s not possible to use the internal WiFi Chip as a hotspot and then use the same chip to connect to an existing WiFi.

If the chip is already emitting a hotspot, it won’t be able to connect to another WiFi. This is why you need another dongle. However, it’s optional because you don’t have to use a hotspot to set it up at all since there’s an alternative way to set it up: https://astroprint.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000337286-How-do-I-setup-an-AstroBox-Gateway-without-a-dongle-hotspot-

What documents are you referring to? We can clarify

I’m referring to those documents :

Thanks I have tweaked the articles.

Looks perfect thank you :smile:

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