[SOLVED] Inverted Colors for AstroBox Touch using Waveshare 3.5" (A) Rev4.0 LCD

Hi, i’ve installed on my raspberry pi 4 a Waveshare 3.5 inch LCD Touch Screen 320*480 TFT Monitor Display SPI Interface For Raspberry Pi3B+/3/2 B/B+/A but the resolution is not good (see the image). Anyone help me to make good the visualization of the LCD? All parameter on config are ok.

Thanks in advance

You’re not using the correct driver for you screen. There are 3 different kinds of WS 3.5 screens unfortunately. If you use the wrong driver, that happens.

What are the contents of the file at .astrobox/astrobox-config.conf in your sd card?

On my config file the content are:


Ok, can you post a photo of the back of your LCD?

This is back of my LCD

That’s a new revision of the A, we don’t support it yet officially but it’s possible that the waveshare35b_r1 or de waveshare35b_r2 driver work. Can you try both of those.

In order to do that, you need to change the value of SCREEN_DRIVER in the astrobox-config.conf file and rerun the setup scripts as explained here: https://astroprint.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360031893492-Configure-a-different-touchscreen-on-an-existing-AstroBox-Touch

Hey @Daniel thanks for your wiki. I’m not expert about this but i try. I have some question about this:

  1. Accessing the SD Card

Open the SD card in a computer and place a file called ‘ssh’ into the root directory of the card. The file can be anything. You can even copy and rename one of the files already there.

SIMONE: I need simple create on SD Card a txt file (without extension) named “ssh” empty without anything inside?

  1. In the command line, run these commands:
# sudo /etc/astrobox/initial-scripts/10-configure-screen
# sudo reboot

SIMONE: How i can use the command line on my windows? Terminal ok, but i dont understand where i can use this command line


Yes that’s correct. When you do this, ssh will be enabled on first boot

You need to find out the ip address of your box (go to settings network on your touch ui). Then using Putty connect to your box’s command line via SSH: https://mediatemple.net/community/products/dv/204404604/using-ssh-in-putty-

Once there execute the commands

@Daniel thanks! with your wiki & putty i restore the correct profile for this monitor.

The right parameters on config for LCD Waveshare A Rev4.0 is waveshare35b_r1


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