[SOLVED] Printer retracting filament on print start

For whatever reason, my Select Mini is retracting all the filament when a print starts. It only seems to do this when the printer isn’t pre-heated. I also have to manually home my axis. I think this is an issue with the slicer. I have not changed my printer or settings. I am now using a fresh install of the latest AstroBox.
Old files print fine. I have had issues with one of these every time I have tried to print recently. I will see these issues when I print from AstroPrint Desktop or when I import from Thingaverse.

Please delete and re-add your printer profile in the astroprint cloud and let me know if this is still a problem after that.

I will try that next time I print. Do you think this could be related to the Cura upgrade?

Fixed! The only problem is that all my print settings were deleted along with my old print files. At least this gave me an easy way to lower my print temp. Thanks!

Yes sorry about that. When deleting a slicing profile, all associated items are also deleted.