[SOLVED] RASPBERRY PI 4 - will Astroprint work?

Has anyone has success with Astroprint on a Raspberry Pi 4? I tried with no luck, just experimenting so no problem, just curious.

We don’t yet have a date for Rpi4 support

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t realize that the Pi 4 has differences that make in incompatible with Pi3 programs, until I started experimenting with it.

I got Astrobox Touch working on my Pi 4, but it’s not an easy ride and I don’t recommend it. Wait until Daniel and co have an official image.

Thanks for the update. I’ll be honest, I was just experimenting - not sure what advantage the Pi 4 would provide. I have been very happy with the way ASTROPRINT works on the 3.

For me the advantage is having the Astrobox Touch do other things, in my case since the Pi 4 is way more powerful than needed I have it running a 6-camera Zoneminder setup (recording to a NAS) and a Squid proxy.

I’ve repurposed my Pi 3 to manage my Prusa MK3S running Octoprint because I need to be able to “Print from SD” to take advantage of Power Panic but Astro doesn’t support Print from SD :frowning:

Ran into the same problem, could you document the steps you took to allow ABT to run on the Pi 4?

I am running it as a plugin for octoprint on my pi 4 rn.

I could, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it - you can’t upgrade ABT so you get stuck with an old version unless you have a 2nd SD card with ABT on it and upgrade that one, then copy all of the ABT directories over to the Pi 4 card.

Here’s an experimental image for the RPi4. A couple of things:

  • This is for ABG only!! Do not flash this on an ABT
  • Let us know what you find.


Thanks for the update, but I have switched to Octoprint.

As of today with image 0.17(4), the pi 4 is supported.