[SOLVED] Software bug. Raft setting!

I’ve removed raft layers from my slicer settings snd still if i slice it keeps putting back 2 layers of raft.
I have to remove them every time i start slicing!

I love the cloud base slicer but this is anoying the heck out of me!

Could you be more specific please. What printer profile? what slicer? what did you remove them? did you save your changes as a custom profile ?

I can,

and i found the bug.

it keeps putting back the raft when you select your slicer profile!
Even when you removed it in your profile.

this happens when you have a brim. if i remove the brim. it doesnt put raft back. this is anoying because wanna have a brim and no raft. so i have to go back in and remove it manualy after slicing.

So in short

Have a brim and it auto adds a raft when slicing even when its not in your slicer settings.

Thanks for this. We’ll look at it. What’s slicing engine is your printer profile set to?

Slic3r PE1.4 is used and Gcode RepRap

Check now, it should be solved. A Custom setting with brim width set will still make “platform adhesion” be checked as brim is a form of adhesion help. However it should now just respect the brim and not add a raft.

Let me know if you observe otherwise.

Yup, it seems to be solved. I just sliced another project and did not occur again. Everything went as it should be. My respect for solving this so quickly I did not expect that. Thanks a lot.

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Thanks to you for bringing this to our attention and providing the detail to help us catch the bug.

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