[SOLVED] Two printers on the same slot on AstroPrint Cloud

We have a number of Ultimaker 2+ (reg and extended) printers connected - using a few Raspberry Pi 3 - to the same AstroPrint cloud account. Two of our printers are presently using (competing for) the same slot on the Monitoring screen/app i.e. they’re flicking or switching between them.
Also, when accessing the local interface we find that they’re going online/offline to astroprint.com (the top right rocket icon flicks between red and green) constantly.
Is it that Astroprint Cloud thinks they’re the same machine and how can I fix this?

You have probably been moving cards around. Once an SD Card boots on one RPI. It should not be removed and placed in another. This creates the possibility that the both use the Box ID and that creates the problem you’re seeing. To fix this.

  • Take one of the printer offline and reflash the SD Card.
  • Keep the card in the Raspberry Pi in which it booted right after flashing.

Did as suggested, keeping them all separated and also naming cards and AstroPrint ID’s individually, to keep them separate on all counts I can think of.
Didn’t work; Now I have all 4 printers on the same slot, with their profiles continuously cycling.
They all get their own IP-address and all, but AstroPrint cloud thinks they’re all one machine and cycles them.
Any other suggestion for a fix?

Each card needs to be flashed separately from the original image from us, inserted into a raspberry pi and kept on that box. The BoxId is automatically created on first boot up of a new image. It uses the MAC address of the Raspberry in which is inserted.

What’s happening to you shows that the image you’re flashing already has a boxId set and thus all your boxes are assigned the same id.

Another way to fix this is by running the following commands on each box from the command line:

sudo service astrobox stop
sudo rm /etc/astrobox/box-id
sudo service astrobox start

This should re-generate the boxId and make each box different.

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That worked perfectly! Thanks!

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I’m having this same problem. Two Raspberry Pi 3s connected to two Lulzbot Taz 6s. They kick each other off the WiFi network and share the same space in the cloud interface, blinking / alternating in the interface.

I flashed both cards with new images downloaded from your site, and set them up according to the instructions.

I’m not familiar with Raspberry Pi and was wondering if you could provide more details as to how enter the commands listed above, or alternatively provide a way to assign a box-id prior to flashing the sd card.


The box id is assigned on first boot up. If you flash both of them independently and don’t swap cards, the problem is likely something else.

You can send us logs so we can take a look