[SOLVED] Unable to start the WebRTC system video streaming?

We have an article here: https://astroprint.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/209139946-Browser-support-for-AstroBox-Live-Streaming

We also suffer from this limitation. Some things will happen in the future: a) Apple has said they’re working on support for WebRTC and b) we’re working on a native app which will include video support (though not in the first release).

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I cannot get a live stream. I am trying on brave browser and chrome browser, using a logitech c920. I get the astromonkey when i try to stream a print. whats odd is the stream works when i am not printing

This still hapenning some times, but usually i fix by restarting both the 3dprinter/astrobox and the computer. Im using the rpi official camera, 3mp version. Im not sure what is the cause, i couldn’t find much about this issue.

On firefox it works rarely see this issue, but on chrome it happens more, i’d say about 1 of every 10 prints.

I get problems all the time. If i connect via the astroprint cloud i can stream video in chrome and firefox, i can connect via the iPhone app and it also works but if i connect directly to my astro box or touch box the video streams fail every time.
One is running a pi cam the other is usb camera. It used to work perfectly before teh latest update. Not sure what i can do to fix. Any recommendations welcome

This is a known problem ( only happens with Chrome 74 or newer ). We’re working on a fix, in the meantime, you can use FireFox or Safari for example.