[SOLVED] Unable to start the WebRTC system video streaming?

Hi I’m using a Logitech C615 webcam on RPi. I am currently able to take snapshots with the camera from AstroBox but when I try to start video streaming I get an error “Unable to start the WebRTC system”. Tried from both Chrome and Firefox browsers but get the same error. Wondering if anyone is able to help. Thanks

I get very similar, see my post further down. Definitely a bug of some sort. I believe it’s an issue with the WebRTC software not being as up to date as it needs to be, probably a good reason for a company not to rely on someone elses product to keep there own product bug free imo. I believe this will be an ongoing problem off and on as long as WebRTC is a piece of the puzzle.


Sorry for this but there was a problem while upgrading our SSL certificate in our servers that affected our WebRTC system. WebRTC related errors should be fixed now

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I Daniel this is still an issue.

It’s likely not the same issue. Maybe something with similar symptoms. What’s happening?

I am also having the same issue, I can take snap shots of the print all day but as soon as I try to take video I get the error Unable to start the WebRTC system. I replaced my webcam with one known to work to make sure that wasn’t the issue but I am still getting the error. I am using chrome if that helps at all.

Hi, I also have the same problem of WebRTC crashing as soon as I try to start the stream. Taking pictures works fine. I’m using a raspberry pi camera v1.3.

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Hello same here, I’m able to take snapshot but totaly unable to start the rtsp server. I tried with Chrome, Chromium and Firefox, with raspberry pi cam, a logitech and a microsoft cam.

same issue :confused:

We’re working and a few bug fixes and improvements to the camera system to make it more robust. Upcoming release 0.10 will contain those.

We need a few weeks to complete, test and let it out

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Any beta releases? Sign me up if so.

hello i have same problem i can take photos but no video streaming
unable to start the webrtc system
ver: AstroBox-v0.9(5)
any help

i have same problem with c170 camera …

strange this is . if i visit my box local and try to stream i get the error .

but if i stream from astroprint.com the camera works .

I have this same issue with raspicam.

See my answer here: Raspberry Pi Camera Support [SOLVED]

I think it’s relevant

Yep. That appears to be the case. I think the lack of WebRTC support on iOS mixed with chrome being broken made me think it just didn’t work. Thanks!

I’m still having this problem. I just received my AstroBox yesterday 5/4/17, and I set it all up, including plugging in my brand new Logitech C615. I changed video format to VP8, and the message preparing video comes up, but I never actually get video. Using H264 format, I get the Unable to start the WebRTC system. What should I do ?

I’m using an iphone 6s to control my Astrobox.

@Lee_Reed live video won’t work on iOS yet. Chrome support is coming back when we release 0.10(8). Looking like this coming Monday (May 8th)

I’m hopeful that in the next couple days, this update will be announced! I do run Chrome browser on my iPhone. Would that make a difference?

0.10(8) is out now. iPhones won’t play WebRTC video, even on Chrome. It’s a limitation of the iOS system

That’s disappointing. There are bound to be lots of iOS Astrobox purchasers out there. I didn’t see the iOS limitation before I bought. I thought that buying the kit and recommended webcam I’d be set for remote control, but my -phone- is the limiting factor.
I will test through my laptop browsers. Hopefully my MacBook won’t have a similar problem.