[SOLVED] Upgrade to version 0.11.24 failed



I am trying to upgrade to 0.11.24 from 0.11.22 and I get an error after “updating dependency list” “an error occurred and your astrobox was unable to complete the update”

did someone upgrade success?



Many people have. Are you using the image provided as is or did you add something? Is your internet connection good ?


Hi Daniel, I have the same issue as well. I just received my Astrobox Touch 3.5” from Kickstarter and tried to update the firmware but when it reached 20%, it just stopped and the % number disappears.

Please see image and advise. Thank you.


Does anything happen if you tap the screen? and how long have you waited?


My image is standard i am runing on pi I use the update in the settings menu.


Make the problem happen again and send us logs via advanced software settings so we can see what might be going on.


Now its work Ok!

Thanks did you do something?


Nope. Most likely connectivity issues.


Hi Daniel,

Nothing happens when I tap the screen but the 3 dots are moving. I let it run overnight but the status bar was still at the same spot. Any advice?


Try updating using the Web UI. To do that:

  1. Go to Settings -> Network -> Internet and note the IP address.

  2. Open a browser from a computer connected to the same network as your AstroBox.

  3. Point the browser to http://[ip address]

  4. That’s the Web UI. Go to Settigs -> Software -> Update.


Hi Daniel,

I was able to update my AstroBox Touch with your instructions. Thank you so much.