Start printing locally stored print file from phone or tablet remotely


How can I upload my Gcode and start printing in AstroPrint cloud service, from my mobile phone / tablet / pc at work, when I’m away from home? I have simplify3d and i work very well with it, In file manager i can upload only designs file…


You have to upload G-Code directly to the astrobox not to the cloud service (I think).
You do this from the astrobox.local link.


Ok, i do this when i stay at home but when i am outside? I wake at 6:00 for go to work, my son and my wife sleeping. At 8:00 my wife switch on printers an carry my son at school. How can i start printing gcode stored in my astrobox from work?
Sorry for my bad translate…


You cannot currently do that but it’s a good suggestion. I have added it to our list of features to implement:


Actually this can be done…now it is just not obvious…

There are two ways…
One is to use a VPN to your home, but that requires you have a VPN capable network at home…some routers support this but not many.

The way I do it is to set up a port mapping on my router…most routers support this.

I map an external port on the router to the astrobox.

Pick a public TCP port number like 7654 then map it to the internal IP address of the astrobox and TCP port 80.

It helps if you have a fixed IP address set up for the astrobox and your home IP address (not common so I use “” but really most external IP address don’t often change…

Internally my router happens to prefer to assign the same IP address to devices and I can force it to assign specific ones to specific devices so that is what I did…you could also set up static address for the astrobox but I found that to be a bit tricky.

If your astrobox changes internal addresses you will have to update the router port mapping.

Now the part that I think the astrobox team could look at changing…when you click on the dashboard and try to connect to the astrobox from the astroprint web site you won’t connect because the web site assumes you are local. I created a browser bookmark to connect to my home IP address and the specified port number i.e. (123.456.789.001:7654) if you have the mapping done correctly you will get the astrobox web page where you can then upload and print just like if you were local.

So my request (and I think have made this before) is their be a setting to specify the IP address or domain name where the astrobox is located along with an optional port number in the printer setup. This would help too when you have a network with multiple subnets say in an office and you are located on a different net from the printer separated by a router.