Steppers Disabling at end of print


HI guys. I am having a problem at the end of a print where my Z falls and hits the build plate.
This is my custom end gcode.

G1 Z25 F400
M107; Turn spindle off
G1 X0 Y0 Z20 F2000
M84 S1800 ;Change Stepper disable timeout to 30 minutes.

Yes I know thats not a normal end Gcode I am using it on a CNC machine. it has been working perfect until now… I change two things. I updated my marlin on the ramps board and updated the astrobox at the same time. just trying to trouble shoot.

If I print with pronterface it holds the steppers after the print…
but when I print with my astrobox the at the end of my print the Z falls.
Does the astrobox add anything to the end gode. I am not using astroprint to slice just to print/control…


Is there a disable stepper G code command in the end of print gcode area in the printer profile? If so maybe this is overriding the file end gcode.


As an example, the profile printer settings for my creator pro (not a delta I know but just an example).


Hi Neil.

I don’t have that option in my printer profile


I just did a print while watching the gcode. astrobox is adding M106 S0. but nothing about disabling the steppers.


Did you slice using Astroprint or just upload the Gcode?


Just uploaded the gcode…


Ah right, in which case the printer profile end code would not be relevant. Sorry, I’m out of ideas then.