Store GCODE print files in the cloud

I need to customize a print’s gcode. I can’t do that with a slice from the cloud slicer as far as i’m aware. Can I create the Gcode on my pc and then upload it to the cloud so then I can print it on each of my 4 printers from the astroprint interface?

You can download gcode generated by the cloud slicer. Modify it and upload it to the astrobox. Or you can generate it locally and upload to astrobox. The problem is it then becomes, as far as I know, disassociated with the uploaded STL.

To download gcode go to the file manager click to show the sliced files. On the right there is a turndown where you would normally choose print there is also an option to download.

To upload connect to the Astrobox local web page and go to the file manager. There you can upload Gcode and it will be added to the local file manager and then you can print it.

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Hrm so it looks like I have to manually load the gcode on each box. Then when I want to print i need to login to each box and print from there. AND it appears that while printing the printer status and time remaining is not displayed in the astroprint dashboard? Man. Gcode support is really lacking. I have a print that needs 75% infill on the bottom 6.5mm and 15% on the rest. There is no other way to do this through the cloud slicer.

It seems very odd that gcode support can’t be worked out better. Once you slice a model through the cloud slicer the gcode is just saved for printing. Why coudn’t you just upload the gcode directly and then print? Maybe its because there is no model associated with it? But certainly they could create a generic “model” to hold the new gcode?

@Jonathan_Jelkin This is already part our development roadmap.

Good to hear improved G-code support is coming!!!

Like the OP: (I thought I might be the only one)

I would like to see the ability to use the custom slic3r features like the infill masking in slic3r…then I might not ever need to upload G-Code…I recently moved to doing some slicing in Cura based on the feeling that maybe Slic3r was not being advanced any longer although I see submissions on GitHub that are pretty recent. I don’t think that masking for different features exists in Cura and I haven’t seen it in any other slicers either. But it is one feature I find handy when making working objects…often most of the object is just light fill and not structural but areas where there will be stress or compression higher infill is needed…being able to mix infill makes the object strong where needed and light where it can be.

One really critical aspect for us is we are planning to use the Palette+ which requires the gcode be modified by their app prior to use. Not having it on astroprint cloud is going to be a lot of extra work

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