Streaming camera distant not working


hello sorry i’m french and i don’t speak very well english.
my astrobox work great for one extruder i know a upgrade will come for the 2nd.

i’ve problem with streaming when i go out of my home.

in local work great i can see stream video.
when i’m out, i can take picture but i can’t see video streaming.

can you help me ? thanks very much.

sorry if the question is already taken, but i don’t find answer on the forum.


What device do you use to see the video ? iPhone?


I use pc or Android with app or with Firefox or chrome. Same result.

I ve take new test :at home if I test in local it s work

At home if I test with external link , my public IP, I can take picture, control printer, but no streaming video again. Error message appear


What software do you have running on the astrobox? is it the one from our website?


Yes, my raspberry is just for astroprint.
Is rasp 3 B.
I ve not installed anything else.
I use the last release. 0.10 (11)