System update failed

I had to rebuild my gateway on a pi4. From the astrobox.local web ui, I check for updates and see that there is a 0.20(4) release from Nov 2020 available. When trying to update to it, I get a System Update Failed.

Is astrobox gateway software still being supported since the acquisition?

I looked at the logs and see this:
2021-09-10 00:43:48,380 - - INFO - Downloading release.
2021-09-10 00:43:48,738 - - INFO - Release downloaded.
2021-09-10 00:43:50,123 - - INFO - Update progress item 0 of 3
2021-09-10 00:43:50,458 - - INFO - Update progress item 1 of 4
2021-09-10 00:43:50,516 - - INFO - Update progress item 2 of 5
2021-09-10 00:43:50,580 - - INFO - Update progress item 6 of 8
2021-09-10 00:43:51,169 - - INFO - Update progress item 9 of 11
2021-09-10 00:43:51,997 - - INFO - Update progress item 10 of 11
2021-09-10 00:43:52,008 - - ERROR - There was a problem with update package:
E:Repository ‘ buster InRelease’ changed its ‘Suite’ value from ‘stable’ to ‘oldstable’

You can ssh to your rpi4 and run sudo apt update --allow-releaseinfo-change
After that you can update as usual from web interface

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Thanks @Zahar_Khrapunsky for this very simple fix, unfortunately the rpi repo just took the carpet from under us and we need to issue a new release to fix this.

@Tim_Feeney yes the forum and astroprint is still very much active. The acquisition doesn’t change that. In fact we’re busy with a bunch of improvements to the service that will release later this year.

Thank you @Daniel @Zahar_Khrapunsky for the replies. The fix did work and I was able to update the SW. It also seemed to allow me to update VNC which I posted another question on here Unable to enable VNC on rpi gateway

Glad to hear more updates are coming!

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