Tasks and Printer Maintenance menus

I cannot seem to find any documentation or forum topics on how to use the “Tasks” and “Printer Maintenance” menus after much Googling and searching here. The only thing I found was blog post discussing that customization is available some demonstration videos. I see both allow the upload of a zip file, but there is no mention of what format the contents need to be in. Does anyone have a link to a tutorial available on how to use these?

At the moment these features are limited to manufacturers that integrate our solution.

Oh, OK. It is interesting that they are available on the open source version. Is there a plan in the future to open those up? I know that I have a few use cases for this.

Are plugins an option for end users? Basically, I am looking to add something similar to this: https://plugins.octoprint.org/plugins/DuCalibrator/

I can always fork the release if I have to, I guess.