Tell Astroprint where I want to print

The current build plate app will alow me to move my print to the edge of my bed but once sliced it gets pushed back to center. I use magnetic build plates and like to move my prints around to get more even wear.

Please fix it so I can controll where my print goes on the build plate.

I believe the slicer may be doing the centering for you. Whatever does it, I have the same issue.

I place a smaller model on the build plate to create the offset I desire, but my goal is generally just to avoid the dead center of the platform.

We are aware of this and will be releasing a fix to the build plate in the coming weeks

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If it is fixed it is not working.

So the full beta was made in 2017, and the one thing it is there for, arranging the build plate >for a print<, is not working? And it takes one print to know that?

Cool stuff, but most people looking into this will conclude this is a dead platform, sorry.

Iā€™m still trying to figure out how to get my prints to come out on the bed in the position they show on the build plate, rather than centered. Can anyone help?