Terminal/Manual Gcode commands


Hey all,

I haven’t used my AstroBox Touch for a while (Wanted to wait for all the kickstarter features to be added) but I’m using today and the terminal / manual gcode input has gone? How can I do this now?

I’m talking about when using a PC and web browser btw.




Are you accessing the astrobox through your local network or via astrobox’s cloud?

You won’t be able to access the Gcode terminal if you’re using the cloud or you’ve got an active print job going.


This could also be because you changed your driver to S3G as this type of printer doesn’t support GCODE.



I did have to change some settings because I couldn’t get the printer to connect for some reason? I’ll investigate and reply back later.

Is it possible to download the astroprint touch raspberry pi image? When I last updated, it came up with a connection error and I had no choice but to remove power and reboot.




If you have a touch license contact us via a ticket so we can reset your license.